My Colorado Journey

a Collaborative project led by The Colorado Workforce Development Council

Project Overview

People of all ages and backgrounds face challenges in envisioning a career pathway and navigating the postsecondary and working world. My Colorado Journey is a collaborative effort to provide personalized, timely, and relevant information to help individuals make better informed education and career planning decisions. My Colorado Journey will join the power of multiple agencies sharing tools and data with an application interface that is personal and private for each user.

A Multi-Agency Task Force (MATF) has been laying the groundwork for success for My Colorado Journey for approximately two years. The participating agencies, through a partnership agreement under the Colorado Workforce Development Council, began in 2017 to explore the need for, and feasibility of, an online tool to provide commonly needed resources regarding education and career planning.

My Colorado Journey is powered by a new, multi-agency, public-private data trust that, over time, will unite the existing fragmented ecosystem of data and allow for the creation of new datasets that connect services, programs, and education and employment opportunities. Similarly, the My Colorado Journey platform takes a fragmented set of end user experiences across agencies and provides a unified and personalized user interface.

Based on information in the user profile, the system will recommend outcomes that a user may wish to add to their journey. Each outcome has related goals and each goal carries with it specific and actionable steps that are presented using combined data on available pathways and actions from across agencies. A user may elect to set aside or add any outcome, goal or step they wish to accomplish and collaborating professionals, such as case workers, counselors and job coaches, may also recommend these to a user journey. Within the steps to reach a goal, users are directed to activities or resources in related partner agency websites to complete their work. Defined milestones indicate whether a user has completed their goals and all data, documents and artifacts associated with their work are saved to their profile.

My Colorado Journey will provide education and career planning services to all individuals making decisions about education and career pathways in order to transform lives of a wide swath of Coloradans while strengthening the state’s job pipeline.

Lead Organization

Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC)

Partner Organizations

Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) / Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE)

Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE)

Department of Human Services (CDHS)



Ligature Creative

Maher & Maher