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The Michigan DTMB Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives is hiring an Analytics Manager and two Data Analysts for the bureau’s Research and Analytics division.



Check out the WICHE brief and accompanying one-pager now available in the Resources page.

“Making Data Work for Low-Income, Lower-Skilled, Unemployed, and Underemployed Individuals” seeks to identify potentially successful approaches to help fulfill the transformational promise of big data in the education realm for these key populations. It draws on available research about using data and information to reach the target groups, as well as background information about technology use and human decision making. The accompanying one-pager distills this brief and recommendations for impacting target audiences.


Xavier Hughes joins the NJ D4AD team as Product Director

Check out NJ D4AD’s Medium blog post to learn more about Xavier Hughes and NJ D4AD’s accomplishments to date.


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